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Chocolate and Coffee Swiss Roll

“As a fan of both chocolate and coffee individually, together, and in any incarnation of said flavors, I was at a loss for words because I was too busy shoving my mouth full of rolled cake-y goodness.” – B

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Crinkle Cookies

I know Christmas was a month ago. I know that. But these cookies are amazing and I photographed them on Christmas with some thematic staging, so let’s just deal with it. While they were a part of our Christmas dessert spread, they are not necessarily “Christmas cookies”. I’ll make them any time of the year and people are pretty happy about it.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies might be my all time favorite dessert. A bold statement certainly, but it’s true. Whenever I go to a new bakery or cafe, how good their chocolate chip cookie is says all I need to know about the place. It’s my go to dessert, and I’ve made them enough that I can whip up a batch at a moments notice. They were the first dessert I ever learned to bake on my own. I started making them around age 10, and I will admit, my motivation was primarily so I could eat as much cookie dough as I wanted. I slowly started tinkering with my mom’s recipe, and am quite happy with what I’ve come up with!

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Zebra Cake with Caramel Sauce

Good cake is delightful. It is the cornerstone of memories for people everywhere, the center of many celebrations. It has the power to heal, and can fix many situations. It is a comforting food, that can be simple or grand. Cake is one of my favorite foods. Chocolate cake is my go to, but really any kind. While this cake is a marbled cake, let’s be honest and acknowledge that it is basically chocolate. Add some caramel on top and you have near perfection.

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Brown Sugar Cake with Chocolate Frosting

Every year, for friends and family’s birthdays, I offer to bake them something of their choosing. I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I don’t like buying a present just for the sake of buying a present, and instead would rather give them something they actually want. I’ve yet to be turned down on an offer of a baked good, so this seems to be working!

My mother’s birthday always falls right around Thanksgiving, and this year her birthday baked good was delayed a bit. She wanted a classic yellow cake with chocolate frosting, a simple undertaking. While searching for the perfect recipes, I came across a brown sugar cake that differed from a classic yellow cake in only the addition of brown sugar. I was immediately sold, as I firmly believe brown sugar makes anything better. And I was definitely right. The cake turned out beautifully moist with a wonderful crumb. The chocolate frosting was chocolatey and creamy, and really what more can you ask for?

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Hello and welcome!

I’ve been baking in some way or another for about as long as I can remember. It started with chocolate chip cookies and brownies, and grew from there. A project at the end of high school helped me combine my love of baking with my love of photography, and I’ve been obsessively photographing my baked goods in the years since. After a trying, but simultaneously wonderful, past year, I’ve found a drive and inspiration for baking like never before. That leads us to this little blog here, and getting to share all my creations with a wider audience!